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Thanks for visiting and reading my blog.

I was born and raised in the beautiful countryside in the Czech Republic and have moved to London in late 2015.

I founded this blog in spring 2019 to share my story, experience and rather countless comparisons on living in a Czech village and in London with you.

Since then, it has developed to be more of a food, lifestyle and travel blog and when I’m going back in my mind now, I realise that actually makes sense. Having always loved being outdoors, travelling and exploring new places, I’ve also loved good food.

As a kid, you’d find me playing in the garden or around the kitchen with my brother. I’d usually be the first one at the dining table, often before mum even called everyone to come upstairs and eat. I also wouldn’t be shy to start munching on the food that our friends or family offered when visiting them. Whilst other kids were too busy playing, I made sure I was nearby if any new snacks were served. You never knew, haha!

The food would mostly be homemade, as my parents aren’t much into eating out and neither were my grandparents. We’d normally go to restaurants or order food on special occasions, or when travelling. My grandma was a great cook and so is my mum. I’ve been learning a lot from her and often try to replicate the food she cooks, but the benchmark is set high!

My passion for cooking has deepened since I moved to London. Thanks to the countless types of restaurants here, I’ve had the opportunity to try many different cuisines from around the world, but got to know the local one much better too!

You can imagine the food journey is almost limitless and you can learn so much about various cultures, traditions and people while exploring it.

The recipes I’m sharing here are my personal recommendations which I believe are worth for you to try.  I don’t stick to Czech recipes only but also include world foods. Some of them are super easy and might save you time spent in the kitchen. We all have to go to work after all and there always isn’t that much time to cook during the week.

Hopefully, my travel diaries will inspire you and will give you ideas about different places in London, the UK and abroad.

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