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Visiting Broadway in Cotswolds

Hi! How is everyone? I cannot believe it’s already a week since Easter! The time just seems to fly… We’ve had some nice weather here, which we both enjoyed quite a lot during Easter – only it’s a shame that it was during the lockdown.

However, I’m pleased we finally managed to have a barbeque on our balcony. And last Saturday, it was so hot that we stayed outside (on the balcony) and had a few drinks before it got dark. It almost felt like summer!

The thought of hot weather and Easter time actually brings me back to our Cotswolds trip, because the weather was just as hot (if not hotter!) about a year ago.

Last time, I told you how we visited a picturesque small town Chipping Campden. That afternoon, we got in our car to continue our trip around Cotswolds. Our next stop was Broadway, which was only a few miles away.

We drove through forests and fields and were enjoying the views in front of us. Mother nature was starting to wake up in those warm spring days, trees were getting new leaves, and a lot of flowers were blooming. It was just amazing to see it and feel it.

It took us about 10 minutes to get there. We found a short stay car park near the centre, parked the car there and walked to the High Street.

Broadway is one of the most famous places in the area, for its characteristic architecture and sights. That unfortunately means that it’s usually buzzing with tourists. We arrived there after 3pm and they were literally all over the place. Sitting in beer gardens and restaurants’ patios, they were having their lunches and coffees… And a good bunch of them were running around the village taking photographs.

Square in the middle of Broadway

The sky was clear that day and perhaps it was better to wait a little for the Sun to come down. At least that’s what we thought.

We tried to find a spot where we could sit down too. I remember having trouble doing so. Giving the fact that we got there in the middle of the afternoon, some restaurants refused to let us in as they’ve already stopped serving lunch, yet it was too early to serve dinner.

We decided to try our luck in local coffee shops. And yep, we still had to enter about three of them before we finally got offered a table and got served.

It is no surprise we had mixed feelings about the place. It was beautiful and historic, but a little overcrowded for us. The complete opposite of what Chipping Campden was like.

Anyway, the food we ordered fixed our mood a bit, and I knew (because I planned it), that we didn’t come here to just stay in the village but to explore its surroundings.

The plan was to go for a walk to the Broadway Tower.

The journey began in the village, we took a right turn from the High street and headed outwards. Soon, the streets were less and less residential, and the path eventually brought us to a farm. We walked across and encountered a flock of sheep eating grass between trees.

It felt kind of strange, but great at the same time – it was like being in a zoo with the animals. And the whole journey looked like that! It was all green meadows with sheep and lambs all over them.

Some of the lambs must have been very young. I couldn’t remember the last time I saw them so closely. They were adorable! Each of them had a number on their backs, and then their mother had the same number too. If they were in groups, it would always be whole families together.

Lambs and ewe eating grass

My boyfriend and I weren’t the only ones who tried to climb the hill, but the number of people walking the same way up or down was bearable (much much better than in the town!). Every now and then someone faster got ahead of us, or we took over some other people or dog walkers.

The path went alongside a white stone wall, so typical for Cotswolds

Walking up the relatively steep hill, we stopped from time to time to take a break and to enjoy the view. It was gorgeous!

Greenfields around us, covered by sheep and lambs that looked like white dots from a distance, and clear blue skies above us.  It hardly gets better than this!

The most amazing view from the top of the hill, near Broadway Tower

When we were closer to the top of the hill, Broadway Tower started to appear in front of us. It’s a beautiful looking, castle-like tower, abandoned in the middle of ‘nowhere’.

Broadway Tower

The tower is a folly building, which means it was built more for leisure and decoration than anything else. It was built in the late 18th century, on a spot where an old lighthouse used to be. It’s 20 metres tall and totally dominates the top of the hill.

Much to my boyfriend’s annoyance, we got there late, after it has already closed for visitors, so we were not able to go in. The views from there must have been fantastic that day.

However, the views from the top of the hill were amazing too! We could see miles and miles away. And so we sat down on the grass, and just watched the beauty around us.

The Broadway Tower is twenty metres tall

We stayed there for about an hour, before walking back down to the village…

To sum this up, Broadway is a very picturesque village with beautiful architecture and some nice boutique shops, museums and art galleries. Although, it is quite famous and therefore busier than some other, less-known places in Cotswolds.

If you’d like to avoid the majority of tourists there, try to get there early in the morning, ideally before the shops open, so you can enjoy a quiet stroll around the village and then maybe have a late breakfast in one of their cafes.

Until next time x





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