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How we spent half a day in beautiful Chipping Campden

Hello all, Happy Easter! I hope you are doing well at home. I’m here today with a post about our visit to Chipping Campden, a lovely small town in Cotswolds that we visited last Easter. It is the first part of a series from our Cotswolds trip (more travel posts will follow). So if you fancy a bit of escapism, sit back, relax and keep reading and scrolling…

Last year, me and my boyfriend went for a holiday to Cotswolds. It was our first time visiting this beautiful area. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, Cotswolds is a protected area of natural beauty located between Oxford and Bath. Following a few recommendations from our friends and colleagues, we planned the trip beforehand, making sure we see the most and enjoy the places as much as possible during those four days.

We left London in the morning on Good Friday. Our first stop was Chipping Campden. The drive took us slightly less than two hours. Part of it was on roads that we already knew, as both of us have travelled to Oxford by car/coach before. But when we left Oxford, the scenery suddenly changed.

There were more fields, more trees and also more livestock everywhere you looked. And soon, we started to recognise the white stone walls this area is famous for.

We went up and down several hills, the roads got smaller and narrower, the traffic was gone. And more and more cyclists were passing by. I loved it straight away!

Around 10am we arrived in Chipping Campden. Not knowing the town, our first worry was where to park. That was easy though: Most places have parking places near bus or train stations (which is a standard I suppose, but for a Londoner coming to a little town only occasionally, things like that can be scary 😀 ), or you could find a spot on the High Street/main road.

The town was just waking up to the beautiful day. We had a quick look around and found a coffee shop on the corner of Sheep Street – named Campden Coffee Co.

They just opened and we amongst their first customers that day. It felt very cosy in there, in their rustic interior. We had a latte and victoria sponge cake, both of which we enjoyed. By the time we were leaving, the cafe was fairly packed with tourists and locals.

Latte and a cake we had at Campden Coffee Co

After that delightful cup of coffee, we headed to explore the town.

The town was so pretty, picturesque and quiet! Historical stone buildings, old terraced houses with shops, and cottages covered in moss… all being surrounded by a forest, it was just impossible not to admire it all the time!

We saw the Old Market Hall, the church and wandered around the streets until we found the beginning of the Cotswolds Way (a public pathway leading from Chipping Campden to Bath, 164 km long).

The inside of The Old Market Hall in Chipping Campden
The Old Market Hall, Chipping Campden


Church in Chipping Campden


The way took us around some gorgeous gardens at first, and then through fields. Gradually walking up a hill, when we crossed a road, we found ourselves on a meadow with truly breathtaking views. We could see sheep happily spread all over the fields, and many, many dog walkers.

We also met several groups of people walking the same or opposite way, and they were all saying ‘Hello/Good afternoon’ to us – that’s when you know you really are in the countryside! The friendliness and politeness of local people is so much different to the one you can usually experience in London.


With this positive vibe, we walked a couple of miles of the Cotswolds Way, and then returned to the town. Thirsty, we found a pub and had a pint and a light snack there.

Although you may find that there are many other places of interest to visit in Chipping Campden, we have not actually seen them all. But we were enjoying every moment there, soaking up the atmosphere in such wonderful weather.

Right now, I just can’t stop thinking how lucky we were?! Sitting at home during the lockdown in this lovely weather, we can only go back in our memories to the beautiful places we saw then. But we hope to go back and see more of it as soon as it’s safe to travel again!

See you soon with my next post about visiting Broadway…

Take care and enjoy the holidays x

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