Last three weeks: How am I doing so far

Hello, how is everyone? I can’t believe it’s been three weeks of working from home for me and my boyfriend.

More WFH allowance has always been a little dream of mine, but of course, I’d like to be able to do it in normal circumstances.

Perhaps now it’s a good time to reflect on the last three weeks and try to learn from the experience.

It has certainly brought some positives:

I don’t need to wake up too early to catch my usual train to London, which means I can sleep a bit longer too, if I go to bed at a reasonable time.

Also, I gain some more free time in the evening, which is amazing, given the days are already one hour longer due to the time change. That means I can go running, or go for a walk, or can spend the time doing other hobbies etc.

Or, I can try to do some of those during my lunch break.

Jogging in the middle of the day is great, because it gives me more time to do other things in the evenings.

And then the day literally flies. However, the overall pace between working days seems to be slow to me.

I’m still looking forward to Fridays and weekends like if nothing happened. Then the reality hits me hard when I want to go out or when we try to go shopping.

The queues to the shop are long, by the time I get in some of the shelves are empty, I quickly pick up what we need just so I can queue again to pay and leave.

It took me two hours to do our weekly shop on Saturday, which is twice longer than usual. But I do believe these procedures and safety measures will help. Everyone just needs to plan their otherwise normal activities a little bit more.

Having had more free time to myself, I managed to do some extra things around the flat. Changed the curtains and blinds in our front room. Started a small greenhouse on our kitchen window sill. The plants and herbs are getting bigger each day, which is good to see. The sunshine and warmth is definitely helping them. I’ll be replanting them to bigger pots soon. Also, I got some new flowers on our balcony, to bring more color and brighter mood every time we look out.

Spring flowers for our balcony

Those of you who follow this page and my Instagram regularly will know, that I’ve been cooking some new dishes and adding new recipes here. And I’m looking forward to continue doing it!

Knowing that I have tried to use my past time to the fullest, I do realise that some days were a bit chaotic. When I was trying to do five different things at the same time, I achieved nothing, but disappointment and just turned the flat or the kitchen into unnecessary mess.

So, from now on I will try to be more organised.

I’ll be getting up at 6am to have some me time, for stuff I need to concentrate on before my boyfriend gets up. The I’ll have breakfast and start working at 8am. After work, I can focus on my hobbies, cooking, jogging, blogging, reading… and in between, on speaking to my friends and relatives.

I haven’t really started to watch more TV yet, but I have watched some of Jamie Oliver’s new daily cooking videos. In my opinion, they’re quite entertaining and what a good way to keep people motivated in their kitchens. With kids and family around, he’s sending a positive message and a bunch of inspiration to us all.

These are weird times, when we all start to give more value to things that are suddenly not so easily available to us (such as freedom of movement, meeting friends… ).

Hoping the government’s measures won’t need to be tougher, I wish you a good week ahead, take care and stay home!

Next update on how we cope will be in about three weeks time, M x

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