How I almost ruined our last Valentine’s Day & Super easy dinner idea

With the famous holiday just behind the corner, you may be picturing in your head how to celebrate it.

Last year, we had such a laugh with my boyfriend…

Because we both love cheese, I wanted to get us a personalised cheese board. It was a last-minute idea of mine, which of course wasn’t very wise.

A couple of days after ordering it, I was getting more and more excited. What a brilliant gift, I thought. I bought some cheese and grapes, hoping our special cheese board will arrive on time.

And it did.

But it wasn’t ours.

Instead of a sign reading our names and the date of our anniversary, it said: ‘Rob – 70 years of being awesome’!

Who? How?! Who’s Rob?

Rob was 70, but clearly without his present. Happy birthday Rob.

I didn’t know if to laugh or cry. So I did both when I got home.

I was just glad I ordered it to the office. That way, I could see it first before actually giving it to my boyfriend.

That evening, I just served the cheese and grapes on a regular plate and after we had a glass of wine, I showed him the board. He couldn’t stop laughing.

This present turned out to be a bit of a disaster, but a very funny one. We both felt sorry for Rob. Hopefully, he received his gift later.

Ours arrived in about a month’s time, after several emails and phone calls to the shop.

I’ve learned a lesson about buying anything too late here. But most importantly, we still had a great time that night, watching a movie and eating a pizza. And our honest, hearty deep laugh made it even better.

This year, we haven’t made any plans, but I think we should definitely use that famous cheeseboard again.

St Valentine’s should be about love and spending time with your other half (or friends and family) and not about presents.

There is a Czech saying ‘love goes through one’s stomach’, which perfectly fits here in my opinion. Would there be a better way of celebrating St Valentine’s than cooking for the people you love the most?

Tuna steaks and potato wedges

Here is a 3-course meal idea, that contains some easy-to-make dishes which will require only the minimum of your precious time, so you can enjoy the rest of the evening celebrating love.

Valentine’s Day dinner idea

(Total cooking time: about 1hr 15 mins)

Happy Valentine’s to you all!

Love, M x