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Blueberry cheesecake in glass

This superfast recipe will blow your mind and taste buds! No baking required! I am using blueberries, but they can be replaced by any type of berries that you prefer, or by those ones currently in season. Also, feel free to mix various berries up to add more color to this dessert!

Some cheesecake recipes use mascarpone as the main ingredient – you can use it too, but if you want your cheesecake to be lighter, then ricotta is a more sensible choice. These two kinds of cheese have different texture, taste and content. Mascarpone contains more fat, whereas ricotta more water (moisture). This is due to the different ways of how they are produced. The difference is in price too. Mascarpone is generally more expensive. If you’re in doubt, then basic soft cream cheese (low fat) is another great option for any cheesecake (baked or not baked, they always work out well!).

Blueberry cheesecake in a glass
Blueberry cheesecake in glass

For 2 servings, you need:

  • 150g blueberries (or other berries: strawberries, blackberries, raspberries will make great toppings)
  • 6 low-calorie digestive biscuits
  • knob of butter or baking fat
  • 200g ricotta
  • juice and zest of 1 lemon
  • 1 tbsp brown sugar
  • 2 tbsp icing sugar


  1. Put the biscuits into a plastic bag, seal the bag removing any air. Crush the biscuits until they become a powder, make sure there are no big bulks left.
  2. Place the crushed biscuits into a bowl and mix in the butter or baking fat, toss properly with your hands until the butter/fat is spread evenly on the powder. This will make the crunchy bottom of the cheesecake. Place the mixture into the glasses and carefully press against the bottom.
  3. Heat a small-sized pan, add the blueberries, brown sugar and about 1 tsbp lemon juice. Stir and let the blueberries to break. After 3-4 mins, remove from the hob and set aside.
  4. Mix the ricotta with the icing sugar, lemon zest and remaining lemon juice. Whisk until smooth and then spoon into the glasses.
  5. Add the caramelised blueberries and all juices on top and serve.
  6. If making it in advance, store it in your fridge immediately, it will stay fresh for up to 24hrs.

Preparation time: 20 mins

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