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Holiday Diary (Part3/3): Visiting National Park Krka

Hello! I can’t believe how fast the time flies. The clock has moved back almost a month ago, it is way past Halloween and there are some long nights ahead of us. But today, I’d like to remind you of summer one more time – with the final part of my holiday diary from Croatia.

If you haven’t caught up with my Croatian holiday diary yet, please see my posts about parasailing and visiting Trogir and about our stay in Korčula.

Day 5 (Thursday): We wanted to visit National Park Krka with my parents, and because our holiday was slowly coming to an end and we didn’t want to leave it for the very last day, we planned the trip for Thursday.

The park is about 60km away from Trogir, near a bigger town called Šibenik. It took us about 1 hour to get there by car. The journey was well signed and easy. We parked our car in the main car park and purchased our tickets for the day. There are three different types of routes you can take around this national park. The main part begins at the waterfalls. A (free) shuttle bus takes you there from the car park. Once you visit and see all of the waterfalls, you can venture out on additional trips via boats or coaches, depending on what you wish to see next.

We started with the walk around the famous waterfalls on Krka River. They were amazing! There is a ‘system’ of them, lots of smaller and bigger cascades and lakes with the purest water you can imagine, running through a forest. The direction of the tour follows the water falling down, shaping beautifully unique path on the surface. Dragonflies and birds flying around, surrounded by nature which seems almost untouched.

From National Park Krka
From National Park Krka

The waterfall walk took us about 1 or 1,5hrs, before we arrived to the biggest waterfall, which also is the biggest tourist attraction and many visitors (I mean hundreds!) couldn’t resist swimming in the lake underneath it.

The water looked so unbelievably clean, I thought it must had been freezing, but nope, that time of year it was actually very warm (we went there in late August). Seeing all those crowds around – taking selfies, and swimming – was a bit off-putting to be honest, so we hesitated to go swimming and decided to get something to eat first.

Near the biggest waterfall, there is a large picnic and eating area with food/coffee stalls and an open air restaurant, where we were declined to be served, because we didn’t want food (lunch), just coffee and snacks. However disappointed we were, it probably makes sense in such a busy tourist spot. We then got something small from a nearby coffee stall.

Refreshed and reenergised, we continued walking around the water and eventually found a quieter place to actually enter the water. We kept our shorts on and just walked in a shallow area of the lake. Again I have to say, the water was so pure and warm! After all, I was glad we stopped there.

The waterfall walk finished in the area above the main waterfall, near an old hydro dam from the 19th century. Interesting fact about this: It was became operational only two days later than the dam at Niagara Waterfalls – which makes it the world’s second oldest hydroelectric power plant.

The biggest waterfall in NP Krka
Waterfalls in National Park Krka

As I mentioned earlier, after visiting the waterfalls you can take various directions and explore more of what NP Krka has got to offer. We chose to go on a boat trip to Visovac, an island with a monastery and a museum. The trip lasted about 3hrs in total. The boat was fairly small, for a group of 10, maybe 12 passengers, but we could all sit down and see well. Our tour started on a huge lake, several levels above the waterfalls. There was no official commentary on the boat, so we read the visitor’s brochure and watched everything around us. Mountains, rocks, trees, bushes and birds. Sometimes fish in the water. The lake was about 23m deep, the color of the water was dark blue. It was a beautiful and relaxing journey.

When we arrived to Visovac island, we had 30mins for sightseeing. We visited the local museum, monastery and its garden. It all felt very peaceful and romantic. The monastery is an important place for Croatian Catholic church, often a go-to destination for wayfarers. There also is a small souvenir shop with religious items. After the sightseeing, we returned to our boat and got back.

Nature in National Park Krka
Monastery in Visovac, NP Krka

The shuttle services on the way back were super crowded, as the coaches were coming in and out in long intervals. Hungry, if not almost starving, we stopped at a cafe near the entrance/exit and had a late lunch there. We tried their ham and cheese sandwiches and a burger and it was all delicious with a generous portion of veggies on the side! If you want to eat there first before you start the trip, or after, it is definitely a recommended place to go.

After the meal, we headed back to our apartment and just stopped at a local supermarket to get something for dinner. It was another great day, but little exhausting in the heat.

Day 6 (Friday): This was our last day when we all were together, as my parents came to Croatia by car and had to leave at a reasonable time, so they wouldn’t get stuck in all the traffic coming back (it was the last week of August and lots of Europeans usually return from their holidays at that time). We spent the day relaxing on the beach and swimming in the sea. In the evening, I joined mum and dad for a walk around Seget Vranjica. We got an ice cream and walked back to our apartment, where we enjoyed a couple of drinks on the balcony.

Day 7 (Saturday): The next morning we had to say goodbye to my parents, who drove back to the Czech Republic. The kept us updated the whole day about their journey back. Luckily, the traffic was relatively fine and it took them only about 12 hours to get home. Me and my boyfriend went swimming and snorkeling in the sea. We tried the ice cream in Belvedere and it was delicious. Later that day, we also tried their pizza, which we didn’t enjoy as much, however it probably was just our bad choice – the seafood one was a bit overcooked, chewy and salty. But they do have a big selection of pizzas, so I would give them another chance. You can also take their food away, which is convenient on the beach!

In the afternoon, we headed back to our accommodation, packed our stuff and got ready for dinner in local restaurant Konoba Kamenica. We had their vegetable soup and tuna steak. The food was lovely and full of flavour. The waitresses told us that the tuna was caught in the sea that morning, and the fish weighted 40 kilos. The meat tasted so much better than the one that we can buy in London, the texture was completely different. Also the size of the portion was massive. It was an absolute highlight of the day!

After dinner, we picked up our suitcases and left for the airport. We spent there a couple of hours, ate in a local bistro and did some shopping in the duty free shop, which offers souvenirs and products made in Croatia, including local wines and Rakija (Croatian spirit).

Belvedere, Seget Vranjica
Tuna steak served @Konoba Kamenica

Finally, if I should summarise our holiday in Croatia this year, I would describe it as joyful and relaxing. We spent there some quality time with my closest ones and visited many places of interest and tried some delicious local food, and I honestly couldn’t ask for more!

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This is the last part of my holiday diary from Croatia, for the full story, please see my previous posts.

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