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Holiday Diary (Part 2/3): Two days in beautiful Korčula

Hello! In my last post, I told you about the beginning of our stay in Croatian town Seget Vranjica and about our trip to Trogir and how we went parasailing. Today, I’ll tell you about our adventures in Korčula.

We knew from the start, that we would like to venture out of Seget Vranjica for a night or two – to explore more of what Croatia offers (and there is so much to do and see, trust me, a year would not be enough!). We were thinking about going on one of the many islands in the Adriatic Sea. After some research, we decided that Korčula will be the place to go. It seemed like a beautiful island with long history and many vineyards. Wine tasting was on our bucket list, so the latter fact made our decision very easy! Also, it wasn’t too far from where we were, so we could stay there overnight and come back the day after. The ferry service (there and back) seemed to be frequent too.

Day 3 (Tuesday): My parents gave us a lift to Split Ferry Port. Our ferry was leaving at 10am, but it was our first time travelling there and knowing that we will hit the rush hour traffic, we left our apartment at about 8am. Split is roughly 30km away from Seget Vranjica. We arrived to the Ferry Port around 9am, so we had a little bit of time to find out which pier we needed to go to, and even had time to get a coffee. It turned out ports work similar as train stations: you look up the pier number according to the destination and the scheduled time of your departure on a big screen. The port in Split is very busy, being one of the most important ones in the country. It was no surprise that the whole place was buzzing. People coming in and out, dragging their luggage, cars queueing up to get on board of big ships.

Our ferry was a passenger catamaran ran by company We booked our tickets via their website. The booking was very straight forward (only needed to know where from and where to we want to go, date, time and number of passengers). I have never done it before, but it was really simple. And although it said we had to print the tickets, they allowed us on board just with the tickets displayed on our phones. The particular ferry we took, could have capacity around 200 passengers. Sadly, there was no option to sit outside, but we enjoyed the beautiful views of the sea and the many islands anyway! The ferry was stopping in Hvar first, then continued to Korčula. (Please note: Korčula is an island and a town on the island; we were heading to the town).

We arrived to Korčula (Korčula town) after approximately 2,5hrs. The sun was shining and the sea seemed to be even more blue! Our host, Gabriela met us at the port, to welcome us and to make sure we find the way to the accommodation. It was a great gesture showing how welcoming people here are and it reminded me of my previous stays on Makarska Riviera. Ms Gabriela gave us a little tour of the streets in the historic part of Korčula. The town is so beautiful and romantic! I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes seeing it and being there – although I did help my boyfriend choose the hotel, I was just amazed how incredibly beautiful the whole place was! Ms Gabriela took us into our room and explained how to get out and about the town, what is worth visiting and where to eat. We immediately knew our two days here will be too short, but her advice was very helpful! She also kindly helped us book a very demanded place for wine tasting that evening.

But first, it was time to have a lunch. We went to a restaurant that she recommended to us. It was called Konoba Mareta and was located only five minutes away. Both starving, we ordered homemade maccaroni with meat sauce. It sounded simple and confusing at the same time, because we didn’t know what the meat sauce will be like. The waitress described it as something like a stew, so we gave it a go. And it was goulash! [One of the best Czech/Eastern European meals!] I absolutely loved it and ate the whole thing within few minutes, how delicious it was!

After lunch, we went for a walk around the town. Korčula’s historic town centre is located on a small peninsula which is surrounded by a wall. It is so small you can walk from one side to the other in less than 10 minutes and although all streets may look similar, you can’t really get lost in there. The town is very pretty and picturesque. Stone houses everywhere, big cathedral in the middle. Port and yacht docks from each side of the peninsula.

We went swimming and snorkeling in the afternoon. The access to the water was good, either from the rocks (steps and ladders to the water provided) or from a couple of small beaches that the town has. There was lot of interesting fish, some of which we have not seen before in Seget Vranjica. However it looks like the access for swimming is limited there, the beaches nor the rocks were crowded and we could comfortably take our time to get in and out of the water and thoroughly enjoy our time in the sea.

That evening we had a booking for wine tasting at Wine and Tapas Bar LoLe. The bar is also located in the historical part of the town, on a corner of one of the streets. The seating area outside the bar looks beautiful and intimate (especially after dark) and the dining experience there is amazing. Unfortunately the number of seats (outside) is limited, but they do have several tables indoors, so it’s worth asking, in case you didn’t book in advance. The wine tasting menu consisted of Dalmatian meat and cheese plate and five different types of Croatian wines. We tried three white wines and two red ones. The sommelier explained to us the difference between them and told us short stories behind the brands. One of the wines was made on the island of Korčula. The wines perfectly complemented the snacks served and I can’t express enough how splendid the whole experience was! If you love tapas and wine and want to spend your evening somewhere romantic, then this absolutely is the place to go!

A typical street in Korčula town
Maccaroni and meat sauce (goulash), Konoba Mareta


On the seaside, Korčula town centre in the back
On the seaside


In Korčula town


Wine tasting plate, LoLe

Day 4 (Wednesday): The next morning, we had breakfast at Hotel Korčula and then went for a walk to a viewpoint above the town. We followed a paper tourist map and Google Maps to get there. It was not too difficult to find the way, although we did get off track a little – only to actually find an old tower in the forest above the town. It was a massive stone-built tower, standing there alone, looking like if it was something from a Brothers Grimms’ story. It looked abandoned and sadly, locked. A sign on it said it is called Forteca – Tower Fort Wellington (built by the British in 1813, when they occupied the island). From where the tower was, the view was blocked by the forest, so we had to go back about hundred metres, to get on the road we were initially looking for, but passed it without realising). There, we finally found that viewpoint. The view was amazing and really worth climbing the hill! Suddenly, other tourists started to arrive there and did the same thing as us – looked around and took a couple of pictures.

Later that day, we went swimming and snorkelling again. For lunch, we had a tasty pizza in a local bistro called Bistro Gajeta Korčula. Afterwards, we went exploring the town. I climbed to the top of St Mark’s Cathedral, which turned out to be an unbelievably difficult challenge when wearing only flip flops. I did regret wearing them about two floors up, when those stone stairs became smaller and smaller, and eventually disappeared, leaving just ladder-style steps, with very little support on the side (poor hand railing). Petrified, I managed to get on top, had a look at the town and the sea from above. It was all very beautiful, but not feeling secure in my shoes, I returned back down quite fast. We then spent an hour or so wandering around the town and also tried their ice cream. Our ferry back to Split was leaving at 6pm, so we got to the port half an hour before. The journey back was great, it was a different ferry, with an outside seating area. Tired and full of awesome memories, we enjoyed the sunset on the sea, and got back to Split around 8.30pm. From there we took a cab back to our accommodation in Seget Vranjica.

St Mark’s Cathedral in Korčula
Korčula town from a viewpoint


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