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Holiday Diary (Part 1/3): Visiting Trogir and parasailing

Hi all! I have written up some of my memories from our holiday in Croatia, where we went in the last week of August. I decided to divide the text into three parts, so it’s easier to read. This post is about our journey to Split and about what we did on day one and two. Hope you’ll have fun reading it and maybe even find some inspiration for your future holiday!

Saturday (7pm flight): Unfortunately, our holiday didn’t start the best, but we somewhat managed. I powered through a fever and incredibly runny nose on the way there.

It was our first flight with Wizz Air. Although I was asleep most of the time on board, I would like to say that we were quite happy with their service (at Luton airport and in the aircraft too). The flight took 2,5 hrs and was relatively fine for me, giving how unwell I felt. Only the landing was a bit brutal. My right ear was blocked and ached for another two days after, but well, this wasn’t anyone’s fault.

It was almost midnight when we arrived to Split (Zračna Luka Airport). We literally just got out of the plane, when my boyfriend pointed towards two people standing at the window of the waiting hall at the airport. They were waving at us. I made several steps closer to the building and could immediately tell that it was my parents. Mum and dad! Waving at me in a foreign airport! How lucky was I? Haha.

Of course, we knew they will be awaiting us, but we didn’t know they’d be able to see us so closely right away! Passport control didn’t take very long, so we met and exchanged hugs a short while after. Dad drove us to the accommodation, which was fairly near the airport – in a village called Seget Vranjica. We got there around 1am, the whole place was asleep and amazingly quiet. I couldn’t wait to see it all in day light.

Day 1 (Sunday): The first day kicked off with a big breakfast on balcony with the sea view. The sky was a bit cloudy, so we could sit there comfortably without burning ourselves in the otherwise strong sunshine. We were enjoying the view and tried to take all the new feelings in. It was just beautiful. We spent the day swimming and snorkelling in the sea.

Cloudy, but beautiful morning view from the balcony

In the evening, we got ready to go to Trogir, which is a historic town nearby. We drove there and our first stop was at a view point above the town. The view from there was breathtaking! We could see the historic and new parts of the town, the port, the bay, the sea and the neighbouring islands. We took a few pictures and continued to drive to Trogir, where we walked through the historic centre and found a place to have dinner at. The restaurant was called Amfora and was located on the parade along the port. We ordered Dalmatian plate and vegetable spring rolls for starters. My parents had them for the first time and absolutely loved them! For mains, we all chose grilled fish. The food there was really nice! After dinner, we continued walking along the port and visited Trogir Castle (Tower Kamerlengo Trogir), where some festival was taking place. We watched a couple of children’s groups performing and then returned back to our apartment.

Trogir from the view point
Cathedral in Trogir
Dalmatian plate, vegetable spring rolls and bread basket @ Restoran-Pizzeria Amfora
Grilled fish and vegetables @ Restoran-Pizzeria Amfora
Trogir promenade
Trogir castle at night


Day 2 (Monday): I honestly can’t remember how it happened, but probably like this: My boyfriend was so intrigued by the parasailing boat, which we watched cruising along the beach the day before, that he didn’t hesitate and immediately booked us in! I said OK, but let’s not do it on our first day here, we want it to be something to look forward to!

The day after it was, then. It was scheduled for midday, so we had plenty of time in the morning and went swimming in the sea. After a swim or two, I started to feel nervous, and stayed on the beach just to get myself ready for the ride. Can you actually get ready for it though? If you’ve never done anything like that before? We carefully watched the boat doing a couple of rides before us. Trying to figure out the procedure – do they jump in the air from the beach or from the boat? Do they get wet at all? How long does it last? Is the boat going fast? How high is it? What will we possibly see from above? Is the company insured? The list just went on!

Finally, it was midday, but the boat was nowhere to be seen. My boyfriend went to ask that guy who we paid the deposit to. He confirmed they were on their way. The boat arrived shortly after, turned out they just picked up another group from a nearby beach. Alright, they go first, which is great, because we can watch them!

My parents were also invited to get on board, so they could take pictures of us. At least as long as the waves and the moving boat allowed them. The time the other family was up in the air literally flown by and it was suddenly our turn to get tied up to the parachute. Life vests on, a few clicks there and there and we were on our way up! Over the sea! The very very deep blue sea! Waaauuuu!

I panicked for about a minute, quickly realising that looking down into the water or up  into the parachute was a very stupid idea. But looking forward in front of us was fine. Very pleasant actually! There was no wind, the boat was going fast enough,  so we could stay up in the air. There also was no sound. Perfectly quiet. Apart from me reminding my boyfriend not to touch the metal screws we were hanging on, there was no noise. We enjoyed the view of the beach (which mainly consists of rocks, stones and trees), and the surrounding islands.

Then we noticed that we’re slowly going down. Then, the rope was so loose, it was laying on the water! Then our feet and legs got wet. Then we went up again!

The whole ride lasted about 15-20 minutes which seemed to be just enough to get the idea about what parasailing is like and to get the taste of the views from above. The coastal line in Seget Vranjica is beautiful and it’s great to see it from a different perspective!

Still can’t believe we did it!
Chilling at the pool

After parasailing, we returned to our accommodation and spent the rest of the afternoon at the swimming pool. In the evening, we walked along the beach to the port of Seget Vranjica and visited local restaurant called Konoba Ribar. They serve delicious local cuisine (meals often made of minced meat, but also fish and seafood) and European food (pizza, schnitzel). The restaurant felt very cosy and the staff was friendly. It was recommended to us by local residents and I shall say we enjoyed eating there!

From our walk along the beach in Seget Vranjica
Dalmatian pizza and Wiener schnitzel @ Konoba Ribar


That’s all for today, here are some helpful links in case you were interested in some of the places we visited or activities we did:


Next post will be about our trip to Korčula and to National Park Krka. Stay tuned!

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