I Heart Lindsey Kelk’s Books


Today, I’d like to tell you something about my favourite author and spread a few words about one of the book series she has written.

As you will know from my bio, I absolutely adore Lindsey Kelk’s books. I have just finished reading her latest book I Heart Hawaii, which is the final piece of the so-called I Heart Series.

The series starts with the novel I Heart New York, where British-born Angela Clark finds out her boyfriend cheated on her and so she moves to New York to begin a new life there. And because Big Apple is a city that never sleeps, but always dreams, it gives Angela the perfect opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people. She makes some new friends, gets a new job and every day just seems like an adventure. The series then continues in Paris, Hollywood, Las Vegas, London and – Hawaii.

The first time I discovered I Heart New York (česky Zbožňuju New York) was in a local bookshop in the Czech Republic, when looking for a birthday present for my best friend. Having been quite intrigued by the book’s cover, I decided to get it for her. Fortunately, she enjoyed reading it and gave me so many recommendations about it, that I later bought myself a copy (in original language). And it’s needless to say, that I completely fell in love with Angela, Alex, Jenny and the City, and eventually got all books from the I Heart Series, and was patiently waiting for I Heart Forever and now I Heart Hawaii to be released.

I was looking forward to reading I Heart Hawaii so much and got it just before my holiday in the Czech Republic. The name and the book’s cover suggest it is a typical summer read, but I’d like to tell you that it’s more than that. It’s funny, entertaining and smart. I had had several LOLs on my way home from work, simply because I couldn’t help myself but laugh out loud at some of the plot twists. And yes, I do realise the passengers sitting next to me were shaking their heads as I was getting off that train.

Without revealing too much about the plot, I’d like to say that in my opinion, the story of Angela, Alex, Jenny (and James!) logically concludes in this book. And although I will miss all of these amazingly glamorous and also those not-always-glamorous characters, I am happy with the way the series finishes. And who knows, they all might come back one day!


If we talk British contemporary fiction and/or romantic comedies, Lindsey Kelk’s books are my absolute number one choice. I have tried to read books of some of her competitors, but have to admit, that I don’t enjoy reading them as much as reading pieces written by Lindsey. This may be because English is not my first language, and that the style of her writing simply suits me the most, but I also love her sense of humour and find her stories uplifting and inspirational. She can create such lovable characters to whom you can relate in so many ways! Plus, believe it or not, if it wasn’t for I Heart New York, I might not have ended up moving to London few years ago.

Lindsey Kelk has also written the About A Girl Series and several seperate stories. I would like to tell you more about those on another occasion.

In the meantime, look at me, completely star-struck, meeting Lindsey Kelk in Waterstones (Westfields Stratford, September 2017):


Have you read any books of the I Heart Series? Which part do you like the most?

Who is your favourite fiction author and why?

Also, I would be grateful for some recommendations on books of a similar spirit. Please feel free to drop me a line in the comments or on Instagram!

Ps. Lindsey Kelk often talks to her fans on Instagram and Twitter. To see what she is currently up to, follow her via @lindseykelk

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