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From my last holiday

A few days ago, I came back from my holiday in the Czech Republic. I spent there six beautiful days full of family fun, great food, sunshine and heat.

I try to go home at least every two months, so my diary usually fills up quick, as I want to squeeze in as many activities and meetings with my family and friends, as possible. This time, I was looking forward to my trip for one more reason: the weather was supposed to be way better than here in London. I was leaving the house on a fairly hot afternoon (about 24deg), hoping not to jinx anything. Stansted Airport was crazy busy as for some the holiday season officially started. I satisfied my hunger by eating a tuna melt panini from Starbucks and waited for the gate number to be announced, only to find out my flight was about to be delayed for an hour. I couldn’t wait to get on board and leave. The sooner, the earlier I’d reunite with my family. Also, I was looking forward to the view, because Ryanair gave me a randomly allocated window seat. What a luck on this sunny day…

Except, there was no actual window where I was seated, which I realised when I got on board.

No view from the plane
When Ryanair gives you a free window seat…

Gutted, I sat down, closed my eyes and opened them in Ostrava. Ta-da! My holiday just started!

As I mentioned before, my schedule was pretty tight since day one.  On Friday morning, we had a financial consultant coming in. Because, who doesn’t want to spend three hours of their precious time like this, right? This was followed by a shopping trip and visiting several kitchen studios with my mum. After we got home, it was time for me to get ready for my best friend’s birthday celebration.

On Saturday, my friends from university came over for a barbecue. Sunday was dedicated to our family reunion and celebration of the birthdays of my brother and aunt. It was a great opportunity to catch up with all of my loved ones, including my adorable niece, who is only ten months old. On Monday morning, I visited my cousin and her little son. It was boiling hot and later that day a thunder storm arrived. It was very welcomed, as we were struggling to cope in those temperatures (it was around 35deg). It was not welcomed to ruin our roof though. We surely could have done without it.

My last day at home was Tuesday, and that morning me and my brother went on a bike trip. We ventured out on a 24km long track, through a deep forest and fields, and managed to visit places we both haven’t seen for years. It was fun and also tiring. Cycling used to be a big part of my life, and I was just so excited to sit on my bike again. However, my bruised bum totally wasn’t.

Leaving all these special plans and activities aside, it’s time to tell you about our lovely dog Arnie (or Arny; we use both). Arnie is five years young now, he’s very friendly, sometimes silly and super cute mixed Labrador. He loves to be stroked on his head, ears and his belly, and gets jealous of our cat if she gets more attention than him. Which, fairly, is not very often as she is quite shy and prefers to keep her distance. Every morning, evening or at any suitable time during the day, we would go for a walk in the countryside. Arnie loves it, and I do too. The fresh air, silence and the great space to run around. Especially when no other people nor dogs have the same idea, it can be really delightful. If I could, I would only be taking care of Arnie until the rest of my life. I miss him a lot in London. Of course, I miss my family too, but you know, it is a bit more complicated to chat on Skype with him.

Those six days literally flew. I enjoyed every minute of it, and hope that my family, friends and Arnie did as well! It was suddenly time to pack and get ready for the airport. Saying goodbye to my mum, dad and brother is never easy and breaks my heart, but I was leaving with a mixture of great memories and every tear that went down my cheeks was made of love.

Finally, Ryanair made me another favour by giving me a free window seat on the way back. And this time, they totally meant it.



2 thoughts on “From my last holiday”

  1. That’s a lovely post about your trip home. I could sense the emotion, and the weather too.
    Your English is excellent, by the way.
    So you are a country girl now living in London, and I am a Londoner now living in the country. 🙂
    Thanks very much for following my blog.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good evening, Pete! Thank you so much for your kind words. You are very welcome, your blog looks amazing, there are so many stories, which I find interesting and relatable!
      Ha, yes it looks like it!
      Have a nice weekend (Hope the storm won’t be as bad as they say!)
      Take care,

      Liked by 1 person

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