It’s possible you already know me

As I mentioned earlier, I spent a big part of my life being a webmaster. More than 14 years ago, I started to run my first website. It was the first of many of my fan pages. If you’re old enough to remember the Olsen Twins, then you know how popular they were around 2004. I just loved them and wanted to know everything about them – and to share my findings with other fans. I self-studied coding and graphic design from magazines like ABC (CZ) and forums for webmasters and finally created my first web, which was dedicated to them. I was a teenager at that time and it’s needless to say I developed my skills pretty quickly to soon became the IT specialist of the class, whom others searched for advice. My portfolio hasn’t been focused only on Mary-Kate and Ashley, but many more. Followed by websites about Jamie Lynn Spears, Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Sarah Jessica Parker, Tyler Blackburn and more. You name it, I promise you I was somehow in touch with them in this online world (practically without social media, at the beginning there was MySpace only).

My nickname was felon001. I liked the name Felon (correctly spelled Fallon) in the TV series of Neverending Story and have been using it since, not realising what the other spelling version actually means in English (but found out later). I was also working on customised designs for clients, and had quite a wide portfolio. When I got to uni, there was suddenly no time to continue so extensively with this hobby of mine, which I started to regret recently.

And now, years and years later, I have to admit I miss those times a lot. Coding and web design was always fun and I wish to continue and catch up with the latest trends. I’m hoping this blog will be the right beginning. It was about time – finally a website about myself! 🙂



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